How to Control Belly Fat


Everyone has some form of belly fat at one point or another, yes  Medical Weight Loss Chesapeakeeven if you’re thin with very defined abs! A certain amount of fat is normal. An expanding waistline however can indicate a bigger issue beneath the surface, so take note.

Are you carrying more weight around the middle than you used to? It’s possible you could be dealing with visceral fat located deep inside around your organs. This type of fat is intended for cushioning, but when it starts to build up it can lead to all sort of medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease and more.

If you are wondering what causes visceral? Although diet is most definitely a factor it’s not all about greasy foods and decant chocolate shakes. Genetics and activity levels play a significant role. Inactivity is a top contender in excess visceral fat.

So how do you keep the visceral fat away you ask? Here are just a few tips!

  1. Get up and get moving! Increasing your activity level is the absolute best way to both lose that pesky pooch and make sure you’re staying healthy. Spending more time on the couch instead of the treadmill makes it difficult to get into the exercise mentality. There are other ways to increase your activity level though that don’t involve rigorous exercising like aerobics or hitting the gym. Just walking at a brisk pace for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week will do wonder for your health and help reduce fat.
  2. Stress. While everyone deals with every day stress there are things that can make dealing with stress more difficult, like dealing with weight gain due to poor diet or lack of exercise, this can add to your stress level, which starts a viscous cycle feeding back into your weight gain. Exercising to increase endorphin’s and unwind and incorporating more relaxation techniques into your routine is very good for your body and mind
  3. Eating better will help. There aren’t any miracle diets that will help with visceral and belly fat, being mindful of your diet will help your overall health while reducing fat. Increasing your fiber intake will help a great deal. Studies show that people with good fiber intake tend to have less belly fat.
  4. Getting the proper about of sleep.  Your sleep habits affect your weight, did you know that? Research has shown that people who get an average of 6-7 hours of sleep a night have less visceral fat than people who get more or less. Make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Following these simple tips will get you on your way to slimming down stubborn belly fat and living a better healthier life. For more advice or to speak with a nutrition expert about your options, contact us today!

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